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SignMenu is a fairly easy to install and use program. However,  you can always have queries for further ease of understanding, and we have a set of Q/A  as a ready reckoner.

Anything beyond these questions is equally entertained. Just click on Contact Us.

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  • Does the system works for multi location?

    Yes, Absolutely. SignMenu serves multi store restaurant business in a way that all menu boards are controlled from a single admin.

  • Is there any free trial for the application?

    No, there is no free trial because we have kept menu board design on SignMenu "FREE". You won't have to pay anything to design a menuboard on SignMenu. To download the menuboard, the user needs to subscribe with us by paying our annual subscription fee.

  • What is The cost on per menuboard download?

    There is nothing like per menuboard fee. All you need to do is subscribe with our yearly subscription fee and download as many menuboards as you wish.

  • Here is a query: I Got a smart TV, 52

    That is what is called innovative idea. Appreciate your thought. Yes, it will work because your TV has got browser as well. Here are some steps: Create menuboards on SignMenu, on your laptop/desktop etc. Make your TV connect to internet using the internet dongle. On your TV browser, just type the url that you get for your menuboard on SignMenu. To view the url, go to "my gallery" section of SignMenu.