Subscription packages

At  SignMenu we understand that every business is different, hence, the budget and scope for promotions will differ accordingly. SignMenu  presents a platter full of options to chose from; that actually starts from $0 investment to get the best deal with all-inclusive features from SignMenu.

Basic Standard Pro Chain store
Single user
Always free
Single user
Static + Playlist
1 Year validity
Single user
Static + Playlist + Video
1 Year validity
  • Manage multiple branches for different locations
  • Can share board, image and video for branches
  • Can create administrator for different stores
  • To know more contact us
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Unlimited edits
User can edit their display board unlimited times to canvas area.
Template library
Full template library is accessable for every user. User can edit any board directly from gallery or can import to their canvas area.
Image library
Full image library is accessable for every user. User can import images to their canvas area.
Graphics library
Full SVG graphics library is accessable for every user. User can import SVG graphics to their canvas area.
Icons library
Full SVG icons library is accessable for every user. User can import SVG icons to their canvas area to decorate their boards.
Design editor
There is a canvas for play around it. It's very engaging.
Download boards
Designed board can be download in High-res PNG or Jpeg.
Image crop
Image croppping tool to modify any image.
Content cloud link
A dynamically generated URL exists against every board. User use to smart TV's, signage player etc.
Upload fonts
Multiple font can be uploaded if anyone need more fonts to design their board except the fonts are already there.
Video storage
Upto 1024MB space available to store uploaded video.
1024 MB Unlimited
Multiple playlist can be created. Transition Effect & Time can be selected for every playlist. There is an option to choose staying time for each frame. A URL is available for each playlist.
2 6 Unlimited
Display board creation
And registered user can create display board with using a canvas.
1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Display board storage
User can store their display board and it is easily accessible through thire account.
1 50 100 Unlimited
Image upload
Users can upload their OWN images on the display board.
2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Image storage
Uploaded image will be stored within every account.
2 50 100 Unlimited