Car Repair Garages – Changing Dynamics

The credibility of a Car Repair Garage rests on three pillars – Trust, Quality of service and Economy of service. But before all these come the conveying of these messages effectively through digital signage.

Those of you who haven’t yet deployed digital signage screens should do now, it’s never too late. For, it is the digital screens placed strategically on your premises that will communicate your services and goodwill to your customers. And it is this goodwill and reputation that will fetch you steady and consistent business.

The Pandemic Effect:  Auto repair shops/garages have been classed as essential service in the US. Likewise, auto parts manufacturers and distributors have also been deemed essential to enable the car garages to order and receive auto parts. As the US began to re-open after May, the demand for repair and maintenance, which had been put off due to the lockdown, has increased rapidly thereon.

 Additional Service Offers During The Pandemic:  Given the social distancing norms, the wearing of gloves and masks while working on your car, you may offer additional services such as collecting the car from the customer’s premises and free delivery, disinfecting steering wheels and shift knobs and the like. Further, with the indoor and outdoor signage, banners etc will have a powerful visual impact in conveying that all safety measures are taken by your garage to ensure smooth functioning of interface and business.

Other benefits of digital screens / your service menu

The Need for Digital Screen/s: No doubt, you have the experience and the expertise, and satisfied customers have been only too happy to recommend your garage to their friends and acquaintances. But an illuminated screen will advertise the same facts to many more motorists, who are either from your town or are cruising by.

Single Digital Screen or Multiple Screens: You can have a single large screen placed conveniently on your premises or have multiple screens, if you wish to advertise your services in detail. Digital signage screens on steel standees are also in use. Much depends on the location of your garage and the content – the services- that you wish to communicate. If the location is on the main road/speedway or expressway, then a single large screen would suffice in attracting the attention of the motorist.

What Aspects to Communicate: These depend on certain factors such as years of experience, expertise in specific areas, pricing strategy etc. If it is a start-up you need to advertise your expertise, equipments, direct booking services, commitment of delivery dates and free delivery, economy pricing etc.

If your garage has x years of experience and expertise you may choose to advertise all your services, or a combination of external and internal repairs/servicing of the car. For instance, ‘We have built trust with 15 years of expertise: We offer:- General Repairs, Collision Repairs, Tire sales & repairs, Breakdown repairs, Exterior washing & Waxing, Air checks & sanitization, Exterior machine polish, Tune-ups, Wheel Alignments, Oil Exchange and many more.

Pricing Offers on the Digital Screen: This again, would depend on your establishment costs, the equipments, your overheads, and the margins that you wish to have. As a general idea, you can have specific price points for specific services as well as a consolidated price point for say, five or six services. Also, you may offer a monthly/yearly package of select services for your regular customers.

Promotions on Social Media and Smart Phones: Since all your services are customized, it is a huge help if you have a data base of all your past and current customers. You may also draw up a list of potential customers in your city as you profile. Use this data base to communicate on their mobiles with the latest updates of your services, discounts, offers or even a courtesy call. Likewise, your website / facebook landing page too should have the updated services and offers, and reassure customers on trust, quality of services and economy of services.

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