Benefits and advantages of digital signage systems in Gymnasiums

Before or after a hard day at work, most people seek to relax, stay fit or unwind. While there are many ways to achieve these, for the more health-conscious, the gymnasium is almost a second home with its bouquet of workouts, excercises , entertainment and networking. Gymnasiums worldwide are synonymous with fitness and good health. The gymnasium business thrive as more and more people of all age groups and from all walks of life make good health and fitness a priority.

The advent of the Digital Signage era has seen gymnasiums as one of its strongest advocates, since communications, information and entertainment form the three pillars of the business.

By deploying the digital signage systems effectively today, gymnasiums have succeeded not only in increasing their customer base but also provide members an opportunity to network .The best part of gymnasiums is that it provides a captive audience who are like minded and have chosen its membership for a common set of programs.

Advantages of Digital Signage Systems in Gymnasiums

  • Placed at the entrance or the reception area: these signages can showcase welcome treats, schedule of classes, upcoming events and the like. A new client coming in must be made to feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Way Finder screens which provide guidance: for navigating the several program venues within the premises ie, the yoga class, the treadmill workout hall, weightlifting areas etc
  • Quotes, presentation and health tips: which provide the required motivation to the members for their workouts.
  • Tailored advertising of health care products: from food items and apparel to footwear and hygiene can be showcased. In short, any advertising relevant to a health conscious individual can be presented.
  • Increase motivation through passive viewing:  for workouts and studying, while exercising help people retain information better.
  • Opportunity for local advertisers: for showcasing their products to a captive audience.
  • Videos and animations: for demonstrating the features, use and operations of machines.
  • Gamification and competitive events: These can be displayed on the digital screen to keep the members motivated.
  • Display of local news, sponsored content from brands, sport scores: can be broadcasted through the digital screen, since along with their workouts members need to be entertained as well.
  • To facilitate branding and customer loyalty: The digital screen can present it’s in-house advertising. Repeat members become ‘opinion leaders’ for the gymnasium whose word-of-mouth publicity carries weight in influencing others in the locality to opt for memberships.
  • Can showcase corporate tie-ups which the gym has or will initiate: Tie-ups as example with a health drink company or with a treadmill manufacturer. This will convey the gym as a dynamic entreprenuer who has the best interest of its members in mind.

Healthy advertising culminates in healthy bottom lines !

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