Bluetooth Beacons – Empowering Digital Signage

Beacons are witnessing growing penetration across high volume verticals. At the same time, the markets for both existing and new applications are maturing, leading to larger roll-outs. Growing integration of beacons in cameras, LED lightings, point of sale (POS) devices, digital signage, and vending machines is expected to propel the industry growth over the forecast period. Apart from retail applications, beacons are also projected to become a common commodity in industrial applications.

The relatively lower price point of Bluetooth-based solutions is playing a pivotal role in their large-scale adoption in various domains. This, coupled with the usage of smartphones by virtually one and all has taken marketing communication to the next level.

What exactly is beacon technology?

They are low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby mobile devices to perform a particular action when devices cross paths. The adoption of beacons by several businesses currently is primarily for maketing purposes and compliments the business’s promotion and advertising strategies. They can be deployed on retail stores, restaurants, real estate properties, amusement parks, hotels, gymnasiums, car service garages or on any business which has a point-of-sale relevance.

Bluetooth beacon are poised for large-scale adoption throughout the forecast period, with a projected CAGR of 95.3% from 2017 to 2025. Key industry players include Estimote, Inc.;; Accent Advanced Systems, SLU; Onyx Beacon Ltd.; and Bluvision Inc.

How Does it work : The B2C Phenomena

To understand how beacons work let’s take an example of a Berger Quick Service Restaurant with beacon deployment.

  1. Let’s assume, beacons are deployed at the entrance of the restaurant
  2. These beacons transmit signals in its range which vary from 20m to 300m.
  3. Potential customers’ Smartphones with bluetooth functions and within the range of beacons pick up the signals from the beacons.
  4. The customer then sends the ID number attached to the signal to the cloud server.
  5. The server responds with the action linked to the beacon ID. It could be a notification or a marketing message conveying introduction of a new appetizer, it’s special offers, combo deals and up-sells.
  6. Ideal for communicating with motorists and inform them how near the restaurant is (in metres or Km)..
  7. These notifications entice customers/motorists to visit the restaurant.

How Is The Beacon Activated

Depending on the kind of beacons you are using, indoor beacons, long range beacons, keychain beacons, pocket beacons and outdoor beacons, the activation process will vary. Some of these requires you to insert batteries whereas some of them have inbuilt batteries. Indoor and Outdoor beacons will need external batteries. Likewise, Indoor beacons and keychain beacons do not need external power button. It is these batteries and power buttons that activate beacons. Once it is activated, it pulls the campaign assigned to it and broadcasts it to smartphones nearby.

The Appeal Of Beacons To Marketers

  • Very Cost-Effective Way To Communicate To The Target Audience; Just the need of a battery, or not even that. The cost for running it are negligible compared to the reurns. Retailers reveal at least a 10% increase in profits in the first three months. Restaurants endorse 200%-400% ROI. Only the digital menu board can be as effective.
  • Location – Based Personalized Advertisements: Since the beacons send signals to smartphones nearby, they can connect well with potential customers within their vicinity. Assuming the business has demographic and psychographic details of customers, personalized messages and notifications can  be sent.
  • Bridges The Gap between Offline And Online Marketing: Restaurants, retailers, gymnasiums, car garages, salons and the hospitality sectors can promote their offline business by advertising them online through the beacons.The smartphone user can also download the app of the store enroute to the town and visit the store. And people living within the vicinity get connected on a gular basis and are reminded of the various offers, lucrative deals and a great in-store experience.
  •  High Click-Through-Rate: The CTR of beacon campaigns are far higher than other communication platforms such as RFID and WiFi, which entail high upfront costs and more. The average CTR of beacon campaigns are 3-4%, as compared to 0.119 in Facebook and 1-5% in Twitter. The CTR in beacons is approximately 80 times the CTR of display ads across all formats. All these facilitate better customer tracking and engagement apart from innovations in deliverables.
  • Smart Integration With Facebook And Google Ads: Bluetooth technology enables marketers to keep track of their customers by reiterate communicating even after the customer has left the store. They can convey advertising messages on facebook and google ads and keep the customer engaged with information on new products, services, events, loyalty programs, special offers etc.
  • Measures Offline Analytics And Customer Behavior: facilitates best marketing strategies by analysing customer preferences and buying trends/ patterns.

Further it analyses:

    • Number of notifications sent out
    • Click-Through-Rate of individual places and campaigns
    • Which type of campaigns/ brands are performing well
    • Customer details, duration of visit and more
  • Opportunity For Small Businesses To Compete With Larger Ones: While it was speculated that larger businesses will adopt beacons, with the encouraging results revealed, more and more smaller businesses are adopting it and getting better results. The benefits enable smaller businesses to design the best mix on their structured offerings with their targetted audiences. This way they build loyal customers and keep competition at bay.
  • Order-Ahead Facility and Mobile payments: From the customers’ point of view, beacons offer the next step in convenience. While a motorist is driving he can order-ahead from a restaurant upon receiving a beacon and make payments too. On arriving at the restaurant he can sit down to eat straight-away as his order has already been processed in advance. Same can be applied to car garages, hotels and salons.

A Perfect Digital Menu Board

Menu boards have always been the backbone of restaurants. For without seeing the menu board a customer cannot place his order. Before the advent of digital signage, the printed menu board or chalk board menus have been prevalent the world over. Although they still co-exist, digital signage technology in recent years have taken menu board display and customer engagement to the next level.

In addition to creating live interaction between a restaurant and its customers, menu boards also create real opportunities to build brand awareness while influencing customer behavior. And yet, we rarely consider their impact on the bottom line. Does the type of menu board really matter? Are consumers swayed one way or another by digital technology versus nostalgic chalkboard art? How important is imagery and graphics?
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Digital Menu Board And FDA – Meeting Customer Expectations

The restaurant indistry in the US is thriving. As huge investments and profits make news locally and nationally, and the clamor for more and better fast food rise to a crescendo, the US Govt has stepped in with a word of caution to the restaurateur and it’s patrons, with its Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) regulations.

The FDA was not really meant to play spoilsport for many quick service restaurants, as was apprehended initially. It merely wanted QSR’s to be transparent on it’s servings. The FDA guideline states that all QSR’s ( as also other categories of restaurants ) need to declare the sodium, fat and calorie content of their menu items, since these components impact on the health of the customer.
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Impact Of Video Menu boards In Restaurants With Digital Signage

In this tech-savvy and digitally-fuelled age, restaurants which have deployed digital signage systems with video integrations most often garner strong financials.

While digital signage menu boards have become imperative for point-of-sale locations of QSR’s, menu item promotions through video presentations have elicited unmatched visual appeal in enticing the potential customer and standing out in the fiercely competitive business milieu. 

Recent researches and studies show extremely favourable trends. Digital signage videos are 600% more effective than print and direct mail. Further, on a shorter duration video (30 secs to one minute ) a whopping 80% of respondents could retain and recall the content. Thus, on point-of-sale locations it has unmatched supremacy over all other advertising platforms. Continue reading “Impact Of Video Menu boards In Restaurants With Digital Signage”

Benefits and advantages of digital signage systems in Gymnasiums

Before or after a hard day at work, most people seek to relax, stay fit or unwind. While there are many ways to achieve these, for the more health-conscious, the gymnasium is almost a second home with its bouquet of workouts, excercises , entertainment and networking. Gymnasiums worldwide are synonymous with fitness and good health. The gymnasium business thrive as more and more people of all age groups and from all walks of life make good health and fitness a priority.

The advent of the Digital Signage era has seen gymnasiums as one of its strongest advocates, since communications, information and entertainment form the three pillars of the business. Continue reading “Benefits and advantages of digital signage systems in Gymnasiums”

Benefits of Digital Signage and the Hotel Industry

One of the strongest advocates of digital signage systems in recent years has been the hotel industry. With its upscale and plush decors coupled with the consistent vibrancy of it’s events calendar , the hotel engages with new people coming in virtually everyday.

Hence, hotels have a strong need to advertise. For growing it’s business as well as it’s brand equity.  For keeping competitors at bay. For providing a business conduit to their partners and local artists. For being the brand ambassador of tourism. For providing the best hospitality services. And much more.

Benefits Of Digital Signage Systems For Increasing The Hotel’s Business

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What is Digital signage and benefits of the digital signage technology today

Digital signage is a type of advertising where-in  products, services, brands or the logo of a business entity is displayed by means of an electronic device or devices, with the objective of attracting the target customers and increasing the sales of the business.

The advent of digital signage advertising as a means of commercial promotions can be traced back to the post  second world war days – the decades of the 50’s and 60’s – which is synonymous with the rapid economic progress of USA. Those were the days of bright and bold neon lights , billboards and advertising kiosks, displayed on business premises within and beyond the precincts of a city /town. Concurrently, advertising in television too gained prominence because of its reach and audio-visual impact. Much of these trends continued in the 80’s and 90’s .

The demand for digital signage

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Freelance digital signage menu board designing for restaurant menu board and display board

The advent of the Internet age in the new millenium, coupled with fresh innovations in advertising has seen the birth and progress of several professions world-wide. A significant development, among many, has been the designing and creation of menu boards online, by professional online companies, who work as freelance designers.

First, let’s ask the fundamental question – in which businesses are menu boards required ? They are required in businesses which have a list of items /services on offer on a daily basis. These businesses also  have a significant reliance on digital signages to draw in more customers, which would increase their point of purchase sales. Some examples would include businesses like restaurants, salons, healthcare, hotels, resorts, educational institutes and the like.  These digital signage/s are placed indoors or within the premises of the business where-in the visual impact is maximised.

As a freelance designer, Sign Menu, a Kolkata based online MNC, has made rapid strides. Sign Menu assists many genre of businesses in custom designing their digital signage requirements online, and has received many plaudits and endorsements in recent times from corporates and small businesses alike.

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Designing digital signage menu boards without a designer

In the fiercely competetive business world of today, point of purchse displays can make or break a business. This is why marketers have spared no efforts to conceive new and fresh innovations in conveying their marketing message.  Bright and bold electronic displays placed within the business premises can create a stupendous visual impact and make a big difference to sales.

Today, online technology has enabled marketers to design a menu board or any digital display board independently and quickly. Alternatively, there are online companies such as Sign Menu who can custom design a digital menuboard or any digital signage online. For details please see

Conventions, which have for decades advocated the assitance of advertising agencies and freelance designers become redundant in this internet age. By opting to design the menu board online the marketer saves time and costs.

The objectives of designing a digital menu board are :-

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Free digital signage menu board template

Online /Internet technology has enabled marketers to innovate on their advertising, many of whom are opting for online designing for their digital (electronic) signages.

Templates form a part of online designing. However, before we learn more on templates , we must first know why and by whom it is required.


Which businesses need menu board templates ?


Any business which looks forward to a significant increase in point of purchase sales .Some examples would include restaurants, salons, gymnasiums , healthcare centers, educational institutes, car/garage services, hotels/resorts and the like.

Now, we come to the next question –

What are digital templates and why are they required for digital design creations?

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