Benefits of Digital Signage and the Hotel Industry

One of the strongest advocates of digital signage systems in recent years has been the hotel industry. With its upscale and plush decors coupled with the consistent vibrancy of it’s events calendar , the hotel engages with new people coming in virtually everyday.

Hence, hotels have a strong need to advertise. For growing it’s business as well as it’s brand equity.  For keeping competitors at bay. For providing a business conduit to their partners and local artists. For being the brand ambassador of tourism. For providing the best hospitality services. And much more.

Benefits Of Digital Signage Systems For Increasing The Hotel’s Business

In recent times, the rapid progress of digital signage systems has effectively amalgamated digital software technology with advertising. The Computers, the Media Players, together with large digital screens ( LED / LCD screens ) and video walls have provided a fresh dimension to visual appeal and it’s stupendous impact on the hotel’s target audience .

The following are the broad areas of the proven efficacy of digital signage systems:-

  • Digital screen advertisements, placed atop the hotel premises as well as indoors, for increasing client / guest traffic with the objective of obtaining full occupancy ( or a substantial percentage ) at most times.
  • Digital signage boards, placed in the lobby or the reception area, announcing the Events organized by the Hotel on special ocassions such as Thanks Giving Day, Christmas, New Year’s and the like.
  • Digital signage boards / screens announcing Events organized jointly by the hotel and it’s corporate partners such as Unilever, Nestle, P&G, Nokia, Samsung, Phillips, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, or any other corporate entity which wishes to exhibit it’s products /brands to a captive audience.
  • Likewise, hotels also partner with the music & entertainment industry, non-profit groups, academic celebrities, media companies etc for hosting events with a view to a 360 degrees marketing effort and branding.

Advantages and Uses of Digital Signage

  • Digital signage boards placed near the reception showcases the hotel property as a classy and sophisticated premise. Hotels present a change of ambiance for guests who look forward to associate with an elite establishment.
  • Digital signage boards, placed at the reception area, provide a brief compilation of the hotel’s room amenities. Picture carousels in the form of graphics, texts & video present the plush interiors of the premises meant to please the guests even before they check-in.
  • The Way Finder digital boards have become important in recent times. Given the large expanse of the hotel these Way Finders act as a guide and direct guests to their chosen destination ie to their hotel room, the gym, the spa, the poolside, the billiards room and so on. This saves time for both parties, the hotel staff and the guests.
  • Showcasing the events calendar sponsored by the hotel or it’s partners. Given the vibrant face of hotels and its ever-changing events, digital screens facilitate event-based advertising within the premises, wherein the guests are well-informed of the schedules.
  • Digital signage screens / boards play a key part in promoting the hotel and it’s partners through digital signage display of corporate branding, sponsorships, special sales, discounts & offers – and in conveying a marketing message effectively.
  • Digital software technology has enabled hotels to showcase it’s Bar & Restaurant offerings not only through the digital signage menu boards , but also by linking the menu boards with the hotel’s in-house Tv placed inside the rooms of the hotel. Hence, a guest can view the bar & restaurant’s specials for the day even when lying on his bed in the hotel room.

The Lobby –  A Complete Digital Experience In Luxury Hotels Today

The hotel lobby is truly a great place for connections – the hotel connects with the guests when they first arrive, and the guests connect with the hotel and with the new surroundings , both internal and external. It is here that digital signage systems are strategically designed and play a key role in client engagement.

  • Most luxury hotels are striving to provide their guests an unmatched viewing appeal of their property as soon as they enter. A welcome display with a free drink and a light snack has a lasting impression on the guests who are perhaps coming in for the first time.
  • With the digital era progressing into touch screen displays, many hotels have deployed touch screen displays to allow guests to access driving directions, view local weather, find nearby restaurants, and truly connect with the local vicinity.
  • Local artists get an opportunity to showcase their collections through the digital display screen placed in the lobby. This provides a pleasant visual engagement for the guests throughout the day as well as providing the local artists potential customers.
  • In addition to news headlines and property information, the tickers feature promotional and branding messages, including a real-time menu update or a fast food item which is being served fresh in the hotel’s restaurant. Further, it can advertise the special offers from hotel partners and news of new hotel openings.
  • Enhancing the external environment : Digital technology has now enabled hotels to place large video walls in their lobby in order to showcase live fun-filled events happening in it’s town or city. This could be a children’s fair, a marathon race, the vibrancy of the restaurants nearby or just the hectic activity on main street outside. The guests love any live event and the hotel can make the guest’s stay at the hotel memorable and exiting.
  • Display or run a sports event on the digital screen. A baseball match. A soccer game. World Cup or the Olympics. Any major sporting event live stream which the guests can enjoy watching. If the screen is placed above the reception area, there are even times when guests pay more attention to the sport on the screen than to the check-in formalities !
  • Showcase the various tourist hot-spots in town : Tourists who arrive at a hotel after a long journey are usually hungry for information ( and food ! ).The hotel, on the digital screen, can run a video footage as an effective advertisement of all the tourist spots which would not only provide a fun-filled viewing, but would also make the guests plan their sightseeing tours during their stay.
  • The digital signage board can also advertise on the hotel’s guided tours & transportation facilities – discounts & offers. Further, many luxury hotels today provide subsidized transport  to and from the airport. This is particularly helpful for overseas travellers who remain ever grateful to the hotel for introducing the city to them.

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