What is Digital signage and benefits of the digital signage technology today

Digital signage is a type of advertising where-in  products, services, brands or the logo of a business entity is displayed by means of an electronic device or devices, with the objective of attracting the target customers and increasing the sales of the business.

The advent of digital signage advertising as a means of commercial promotions can be traced back to the post  second world war days – the decades of the 50’s and 60’s – which is synonymous with the rapid economic progress of USA. Those were the days of bright and bold neon lights , billboards and advertising kiosks, displayed on business premises within and beyond the precincts of a city /town. Concurrently, advertising in television too gained prominence because of its reach and audio-visual impact. Much of these trends continued in the 80’s and 90’s .

The demand for digital signage

As the world economy progressed in the new millenium so did several advertising platforms.  Computer software technology, relating to digital signage has taken this media platform to the next level. Literally. The onset of LED technology with it’s large display/plasma screens further complimented digital signage. Taking a cue from point-of-purchase digital signage boards in airports, railways and bus terminals an overwhelming demand for point-of-sale advertising arose from  businesses across genres ie, restaurants, salons, car repair garages, gymnasiums, hotels, travel & tourism, malls & multiplexes, et al.

Benefits of the digital signage technology today

  • The digital signage system for point-of-sale advertising consists of a computer, a media player, a Tv or a Digital screen – one or all of these usually available with the advertiser
  • Menu board / display content can be projected on the screen via the internet dongle or an USB port connecting a Tv /digital screen
  • Menu board creation can be done online ie, online companies such as Signmenu enable the advertiser to create the template independently, or choose from it’s compilation of 1200+ templates.
  • Signmenu also custom designs the template/s for the advertiser
  • Easy installation and a one-time investment makes for a cost-effective medium
  • Videos , moving images and animations create an electrifying impact
  • Creates a positive perception –that of a vibrant and a ‘happening’ business entity
  • Best for brand promotions, special sale offers and loyalty programme
  • Digital signage technology enables Facebook / social media integration

Flexibility of operations – the most defining aspect of digital signage technology

  • Advertising content can be placed on screen and the screen can run the content even without the function of a Player, ie through the URL’s already stored in the computer – by a pendrive or a memory stick. For more details, please log onto www.signmenu.com
  • Multi-store locations can be controlled by a single admin
  • Cloud based programme’ initiated by SignMenu enables marketers to edit, modify or update content through the computer by the touch of a button, even when not physically present on the business premises.
  • On any given day , given the upsells in business, display content can be edited or modified instantly. This facility is particularly relevant for restaurant menu boards.
  • Enables flexibity of content and graphics for all businesses

Hence, digital signage advertising at the point-of-sale has become sine qua non – the most essential part – of all businesses today.

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  1. That was a great information. One looking for digital signage just wanted to know his benefits from his investment, and your benefits of digital signage cover it all.
    Thank you, this was helpful.

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