A Perfect Digital Menu Board

Menu boards have always been the backbone of restaurants. For without seeing the menu board a customer cannot place his order. Before the advent of digital signage, the printed menu board or chalk board menus have been prevalent the world over. Although they still co-exist, digital signage technology in recent years have taken menu board display and customer engagement to the next level.

In addition to creating live interaction between a restaurant and its customers, menu boards also create real opportunities to build brand awareness while influencing customer behavior. And yet, we rarely consider their impact on the bottom line. Does the type of menu board really matter? Are consumers swayed one way or another by digital technology versus nostalgic chalkboard art? How important is imagery and graphics?

The answer to all these lie in the purpose for conceiving ‘the perfect menu board’. A perfect menu board is a matter of perception. When seen from the customers’ perspective, a digital menu board is a source of information and entertainment offering clarity on menu items and fostering quick orders.Then again,when seen from the restaurants’ perspective,the perfect menu board serves the purposes of an effective menu display, increase in sales, effective customer engagement, and a healthy bottom line at the end of the day.

Aids To A Perfectly Designed Menu Board

  • Most effective impact on the target audience when placed at Point-of-sale locations : on the main street, a convenient place downtown or on highways.
  • A Digital Signage menu board can be of different sizes or in the form of LED Screens,which also come in various sizes.
  • Depending on the number of menu listings the restaurateur can choose his digital screen/s.
  • Placement of the menu boards inside or at the entrance of the restaurant premises can be considered depending on its location.
  • The business owner can place multiple boards /screens. It there are three screens two of them may display the menu while the other can be connected to a sports or news channel.
  • The restaurateur must have good graphic designers who have the expertise to bring alive the menu with enticing graphics, video and playlist operations.
  • Digital signage menu boards must be seen such that they entertain, captivate and inform people in transit, waiting or gathering, in and around a business premise.

One thing however is clear. A digital menu board today does much more than convey the menu items, availability and their prices. We may add-on the following advantages.

Benefits Of A Perfectly Designed Digital Menu Board

  • Have become imperative for driving sales at Point-of-sales locations of a restaurant. Flying customers along with the regulars contribute to the revenues of the business. A great menu board design also keeps competitors at bay.
  • A perfectly designed menu board entices new customers quicker and more effectively due to its bright & bold digital graphics. Bright lightings/lettering have an effect of a ‘happening’place and potential customers are attracted to it.
  • Videos and playlists play a crucial role in demonstrating the menu items which would entice the target audience everyday. Should also create an impact on the Halloween festival or on St Patrick’s Day or even the 4th of July.
  • Assists in displaying a special item or a combination of items on a particular day. This would enhance sales or allow conversion of raw materials (food ingredients) into a succulent item. Works brilliantly for special occasions too, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving Day.
  • The Cloud-based program enables facilities for menu content updating of chain stores by a single admin. Also allows for smooth operations when restaurateur is not present on the business site.
  • Provides for an excellent advertising platform for the restaurant and brand building. In fact, no other advertising costs will be needed for any other media platforms since the digital screen can double-up as an advertising board.
  • Digital menu boards are very cost-effective. For hardware, only a computer and a digital screen is needed. If budget permits, a Media Player can be purchased. What is indispensable however, is an expert graphic designer !
  • Offers best display of the restaurant’s marketing message to it’s target audience. And there is flexibilty in changing this message periodically suited to the marketing objectives of the restaurant.
  • Can be easily integrated with other digital platforms such as social media and the Smart phone. Regular updated on the menu offerings to customers and the display of the menu board therein would create the desired impact.

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