The key ingredient to your Digital Menuboard for restaurants – Sign Menu

Digital menu boards templates from sign menu

Restaurant businesses have come a long way from just being an outlet to dine out. Restaurants are now place of innovation in food platter, presentation, interior decor, theme setting etc. And this innovation automatically pours in to your Menu design as well. But in today’s digital era one can’t deny the ease, variety and glitz of digital content for promotion and presentation. And Sign Menu serves this purpose perfectly! It is “uniquecloud based menuboard design application for inhouse promotion and display of your products and services.

Spend less Time in Promotion and more in Preparation

Deciding and making new preparations can be a tedious task that requires enough research and effort. And you need to present these addition/changes in your Menu also. But Sign Menu saves you from the trouble to decide and make a new menu everytime there is a change. All you will need is a TV and Pendrive. Make the required changes in your computer and laptop and see them appear on the Digital Signage screen.

With Sign Menu, choose from a huge platter of templates

Changing the price and showing updated menuboards to the customers is literarily 5-minutes job. Sign Menu offers unlimited templates and beautiful pictures, logos, menu items to suit your need. Just choose from these and upload. Done!! All these can be done with little training by even your employees.

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This comes in help particularly during upselling or announcing special offers during festive season.

Get the presentation moving as fast as plates from kitchen to tables

For the first time, Sign Menu gives you the freedom to move beyond static menu templates. With a simple internet connection, now you can play videos also that you can either download or play from any online destination.

So to be in control of your promotions alongside your kitchen,  Sign Menu is the perfect tool with few clicks.

Video menu boards

For the restaurant fraternity, Signmenu video templates have exquisite and unique offerings. From the BBQ  and grills to burgers, pizzas and all types of ethnic cuisines, sign menu has them all. Each template is specially designed with a practicable food menu and adorned with animations so as to mesmerize your customers ! As you select one and run them on your digital screen, your target audience will be enticed into coming into your restaurant and have a good time. Ideally, the video screens should either be placed at the entrance or indoors.

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