11 reasons why cloud based application is a “Great Idea” to generate in-store advertising content through Digital Display screens

A digital menu board is a great promotional tool for any kind of business. Cloud based digital menu board application has taken this to a next level. Here are some aspects which gives cloud based digital menu board application an Edge:

Display Screen

Display Screen is the Primary hardware needed for this to work. All the contents are generated and stored on the cloud based application and broadcasted through the display screen. Users are able to make changes on the content easily through the application.

Maximize ROI

Cloud based Digital display boards maximizes the ROI because it is less hardware intensive. Apart from that, these are no maintenance cost for these applications. Furthermore, they provides a platform from where digital contents are generated for multiple media platforms like in-house displays, Digital Out-Of-Home advertising, social media etc. SignMenu is one such platform where users can create digital contents for multiple media.

Easy-To-Use Application

Cloud based digital display design application provides some “easy-To-Use” tools to create display boards. Some simple functions like drag-drop, click-view items, simple interfaces etc. bring simplicity to these applications.

Menu Board Design – “Made Simple”

The idea is to make this application so simple that one can create digital contents without experts intervention.

Menu board design is extremely important to attract customers and using SignMenu restaurant owners can design menu boards themselves, with their own creative instincts.

Elaborate Template Gallery

SignMenu provides elaborate template gallery, based on various business verticals, so that it is easy for the users to choose from. The template gallery is updated regularly with latest templates. New template design themes are implemented so that the menu board gallery is updated with “latest” design trends.

System Upgrade

The system upgrade responsibility will be with the application developer and NOT on the users using the application. Users can just enjoy using the new features and functionalities implemented on the application.

Maintenance Cost

ZERO maintenance cost for the users is what sets these applications apart from prevalent digital menu board solutions. Other than the display screens there is no additional hardware needed which means no cost on maintaining those.

Anytime and Anywhere

Creating, updating, and assigning a menu board can be done remotely. By the virtue of cloud based application, this can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The application allows to make menu board edits really “Quick”.

Manage Menu Board

Managing menu board is super easy with SignMenu because multiple boards can be remotely managed by the user. This works as a central repository for all menu board creative and can be distributed along the network from the centralized location.

Reduced Menu Board Design Time

With the elaborate menu board template gallery and menu board graphics, Menu board design time is reduced drastically. Users can simply pick a menu board, change the items, upload their graphics and a fresh new menu board is ready. That inspires the users to create fresh contents often.

Digital Signage Upcoming Technology

SignMenu is already prepared for that and excels in providing the services impeccably. By availing the services from SignMenu regarding digital signage any service provider will be benefitted.

Hence, digital signage menu board is the redefining the way restaurant owners promote their business and increase sales. Fresh contents attracts new customers and hence more sales. SignMenu provides the platform to achieve this.

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