Increase your business through Digital Signage

We first start by defining Digital Signage.

What is Digital Signage ?

Digital signage is essentially a point of purchase electronic display placed indoors or outdoors of a business premise, where-in the products, brands, and services of the business are highlighted.

In other words, Digital Signage content is essentially a marketing message, whereby the business owner expects a reaction from prospective customers by way of increase of footfalls to his shop, restaurant, salon, car service garage and  like businesses.

The digital signage concept is not really new. Advanced economies have adapted to this form of advertising in the form of electronic billboards, kiosks & Neon signs way back in the fifties and the sixties – which we see depicted in many Hollywood movies of that era .

The factors which have made digital signage of immense value in recent times are :-

Modernisation of businesses, technological advancement in communications, growth of population in big cities as well as in small towns world-wide, consumerism & a larger target audience for products / services, and last but not the least, a plethora of new products and services on offer.

A Digital Signage can be  electronic boards of different sizes or in the form of LED Screens, which also come in various sizes. The business owner chooses the size depending on the content being advertised or highlighted. If the content is in the form of a menu and there are many listed items to highlight, the business owner can place multiple boards /screens. The business owner usually places the digital board / screen in an appropriate place indoors or outdoors within the business premise where visibility is maximised . Digital signage boards entertain, captivate and inform  people in transit, waiting or gathering, in and around a business premise.

How does digital signage increase sales ?

The following are the benefits of digital signage from the point of view of the business owner:-
  • Digital signage entices new customers quicker and more effectively due to its bright & bold digital graphics.
  • Digital signage provides the latest and updated offerings of the busienss,ie, a restaurant owner can advertise a special item or a combination of items on a particular day to increase his sales. Similarly, a Salon owner can advertise for specialised services for a particular duration.
  • Digital signage enhances the aesthetics of the business premises and it’s environment –since the digital boards can be placed both, indoors and outdoors.
  • Brightly lit digital boards provides onlookers and prospective customers a perception of a’ happening’ business.
  • Digital Signage provides a ‘feel good’ factor to the business. Hence, the suppliers and other vendors of the business like to be associated with a business which is open to new ideas and can innovata on its advertising.
  • Installation of Digital Signage is easy and very cost-effective. The only investments that will be required by a business owner is an LED screen and a computer.
  • Digital Signage Technology facilitates a single admin to monitor, modify, or edit multiple screens placed in multi-location shops /chains – within the same city or anywhere.
  • Designing content for digital signage is far more simpler than other forms of advertisements such as print or television. Online companies such as SIGN MENU provide business owners the facility to create their own menu boards. Alternatively, Sign Memu provides templates, playlists, graphics – and does the custom designing for the business owner at a nominal yearly subscription.
  • Digital signage saves costs since no recurring expenses or budgets are required to advertise products / services. The marketing message conveyed through the digital

Signage most often helps garner the desired sales for the shop or restaurant.

Recent studies by Neilson and Ambitron suggests that  digital signages in recent years in almost all sectors of businesses, ie, Fast foods, Retail, Pharma, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Asset management et al have increased their sales by an average of 40% yearly. Notable among them are Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, GameStop (video gaming retailer), Vodafone, General Motors, Samsung as well as a host of small retailers like Papa Johns (a fast food outlet ), Benu Vaistine ( a pharma shop ), Meverick (Gas stations), Maceys, The Marlowe theatre, Westgate Resort & Casino and a host of others. . The studies also indicate a rapid escalating trend in the usage of digital signage by 2020 – a 9% compounded year on year. Surveys have also revealed that respondents could recall 90% of the brands advertised on digital signage boards.

Hence, we see Digital Signage introducing a paradigm trend of advertising which has an eclectic combination of creativity and technology.

2 thoughts on “Increase your business through Digital Signage”

  1. Thank you for the information, It is greatly explained. One more thing I want to add in the Factors which have made Digital Signage of immense value in recent times is the attraction of recent days generation towards the Digital technology and things. This attraction made them look towards this in a positive way.

    1. Yes, absolutely. In the digitally-fueled society that we live in today, digital signage advertising provides a very powerful and effective form of advertising. Retailers and businesses worldwide have even begun to integrate digital signage advertising with mobile phones and social media networks. Further, Digital technology has made it possible to operate digital signage screens with minimum hardware ie, only a computer will suffice to display the content on screen.

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