Low cost online application for digital signage

Do you wish to advertise your company / brands on a glittering digital signage board  at a very low cost ?

Do you want your target audiences  to exclaim WOW!! on seeing your digital signage board ?                                            

If your answer is  a resounding YES – here are some pointers

Any business entity can install a digital signage board today, without seeking the services of an offline designer or an advertising agency.

How has this been possible ?

Technology reduces costs. This axiom is perhaps manifested best in digital signage software. And contrary to perceptions, not much by way of costs are required to make a digital signage work.

  • Assuming you already have a computer, all you need by way of hardware is a LED screen to light up your brands. Literally.
  • The designing for the signage board you can youself do on your Computer / Laptop.
Please do not worry if you are not a creative professional

We at SIGN MENU can assist you in creating your own designs/creatives for the digital board online. Within a matter of minutes. You need not incur a large investment in seeking out an advertising agency or a freelance offline designer.

On a yearly subscription, which is nominal , SIGN MENU provides the following benefits :-
  • Sign Menu can provide a free demo of a design relevant to your product / brand which you can use for a period upto 30 days.
  • Provide an online creative board for designing, saving the design and publishing/uploading onto your LED Screen/Tv – if you wish to make your own creative.
  • If you want SIGN MENU to custom design for you, SIGN MENU will provide unlimited access to Templates, Playlists, Graphics, pertaining to your company products/ brands. You may select from them and Sign Menu will do the needful.
  • Sign Menu will only be too happy to assist if you need any guidance on connectivity, ie, uploading the design content from your computer to the LED screen /Tv.
  • Sign menu can provide a software whereby you can monitor, modify, or edit the content of the digital board even when you are not physically present at your work station. This is known as ’Clould ‘based programme.
  • Further, if you have multiple shops/ establishments at multi-locations you can control the digital designs by a single admin.

So, hurry ! Get your digital signage board done now before your competitor does !

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