Low cost online application for digital signage

Do you wish to advertise your company / brands on a glittering digital signage board  at a very low cost ?

Do you want your target audiences  to exclaim WOW!! on seeing your digital signage board ?                                            

If your answer is  a resounding YES – here are some pointers

Any business entity can install a digital signage board today, without seeking the services of an offline designer or an advertising agency.

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Digital menu boards designing versus offline designing

Change is an essence of life. This axiom holds true for businesses as well. Today, we see conventional methods of advertising such as print or television being complimented by digital signage advertising the world over. In recent times the menu boards of a restaurant presents a case in point where-in printed menu cards are rapidly giving way to digital menu boards.

Let us first examine the offline process. This process involves three parties ie, the restaurant owner, the advertising agency , and the designer. Most often the designer is not known to the restaurant owner and hence the restaurant owner has to interface via the ad agency.

An example

Let’s suppose the restaurant owner wishes to incorporate a special item in his menu. This special item can be serverd individually as well as with combination with other items,ie, as a ‘combo’ package. This entails a complete change/modification/editing of the menu card.

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